Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonder if turtles get headaches?

I spent the longest time trying to add a list of blogs to the column over there to your right. Some time while I was adding to the list Google signed me out and I lost the list. Grrrr........ And I have discovered if I upload a graphic from my computer straight to the blog it loses its animation. Darn. I know I should have uploaded to Photobucket first but I didn't think. That's my problem lately, I don't think.

The weather was a lot cooler today and we had some rain this morning. I love cooler weather. The older I get the less I can handle heat. I know dad and I will probably have some arguments on the air condition/heat settings when he gets home. Oh well.....

I could write more but I am tired. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. It is way cooler here too but no rain. I like your cute little monkey you added there. My dad always liked it warm and I know he'd have the heat on this morning. I'm not turning it on quite yet.

  2. I'll miss the heat of the summer, but I do love the cool nights of the fall season.

  3. Hello. I thought I would stop in and say hello. I hope that you are doing well. Thanks for allowing me to visit. Do take care.