Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turtles give rides to their little friends?

Well it has been almost 4 weeks since dad came home. I am able to spend the night at my house now. I could have probably been doing it sooner but I wanted to be sure of dad and everything. He is doing really good. I am really impressed at how well he is coming along. I spend most of the day at his house. When he naps I come to my house and play with my cats. Exciting life huh? LOL

I have to change the dressing on dad's wound everyday and then there is the colostomy bag that I take care of too. Actually the bag isn't all that bad. Yeah it does have an odor when you open it but we flood the room with air freshener.

Dad's best friend got married the 2nd week dad was home and we were going come heck or what. Ended up taking dad in the wheelchair. We had a nice time. The church was wheelchair accessible, but to get into the front door there was this little incline --- but pushing a wheelchair it felt like a HUGE hill. LOL Dad's friend called him the next day to see how he was doing. Neat. Second day being married and he calls to check up on my dad.

Not much to write about. Oh, can I rant for a second?

Roman Polanski........So they finally got him and everyone says drop the charges and leave the man alone. BULL CRAP! I don't care that it has been like 30 years, he RAPED a 13 year old and he pleaded GUILTY. He then left the USA before he could be sentenced and sent to jail. He should have to do the time. I'm sorry but every time I hear when someone is caught after years and years on the run and people say they aren't the same person they used to be, leave the alone....I WANT TO PUKE! And who knows how many other little girls Polanski may have raped that we don't know about? The man plead guilty so we know for sure he did the rape so now let the creep do time.



  1. It's great your Dad is doing so well. Thanks for letting us know. I hope you are doing well too!

  2. I'm glad your dad is doing well. I agree with that Polanski guy. He did the crime, he needs to do the time.