Friday, August 7, 2009

Do turtles have pinkie toes?

I have started trying to visit blogs and add them to my google reader. But honestly I hate that thing. It was so easy to use but they changed something and now I get all confused. So I am trying out Bloglines Playlist. So if you don't see me as "following" your blog I might have you on my playlist. At least for now. I'll have to see how it goes. And it is taking me a little while to get everyone's links added.

Unless something happens dad will be coming home on Sept. 3rd. This is great news but also a tad sad. Why sad? Because I am selfish! Really I am. I will have to stay with dad most of the time (I've been told he shouldn't live alone anymore but I really can't see us living together either) which means I will have next to no time at my house with my cats and with my computer. No computer or internet hookup at dad's. And even though I have thought about buying one of those mini laptops, I can't see adding an internet bill to everything else. At least not at this time.

So you see, I am feeling selfish. I want dad home really bad and I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure he is taken care of, but face it his life and mine isn't ever going to be the same again. I sound like a horrible daughter don't I? Thinking of me.



  1. Thanks for visiting me and I love your new blog. Only thing, has your email changed? Please send it. I know something about what you're going through and your are being a dear, devoted daughter! My mom has been in the hospital since July 21 and now a nursing facility and Monday we find out what they recommend for the future. Thankfully she became ill when visiting me in San Jose and I can visit her everyday. My sisters came for the first week but it is mainly on my shoulders. I know it takes a lot out of you but you are an amazing person for it, Kathy!!

  2. Kathy, so glad you have a date to look forward to for your father coming home from rehab. Know it will be hard for you, but at least some of the stress will be gone when he is back home again. So nice of his friends building the ramp for him. That will be a big help. Also, interesting that he wanted his room painted, and new curtains. Shows he still cares--a VERY GOOD sign! Am sure your selection will really please him when he sees it. Will be praying for both of you. Much love, LaVern