Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turtle in a tutu

I started this blog with titles having to do with turtles. Why not? I mean you need a title and sometimes there is no real title to what you are blogging about. So I may stick with the turtle themed titles. Until I can't think of anything weird to say about them anyways. LOL

Dad got the bright idea that he wants his bedroom (at home) painted and new curtains up before he comes home. He is paying my brother to come paint (bro is out of work and needs the money), but I was the one left to pick out curtains and paint. No, wait, dad said just paint the room white (the color it is now) but I decided nope, we were going to do something different. I am not really sure he is going to like the curtains and paint I picked out.......but by the time he gets home it will be too late to change anything! LOL

Thanks for the comment Susan! I still have my old gmail account and am using a new one that is connected to this blog. Just click on the monkey to your right and it should open an email to me.

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  1. I think by the time your dad comes home he may want to see anything but white and sterile colors. I think it's awesome what you're doing for your dad hon. (Hugs)Indigo