Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What color nail polish would a turtle wear??

I was going to post a photo today that kind of explains where I got my new screen name from. But due to technical difficulties that's not going to happen today. So you will just have to see this in your head.

Way back in the early 1980's I bought a poster and put it in a frame. I totally love the poster even to this day but am the only person that thinks it's cool. It has a starry night sky with a full moon and there is this turtle soaring through the sky with a little frog on his back.

I see that turtle (and I have always liked turtles) flying through the night sky (with his buddy the frog) and I think of how wonderful the turtle must feel, leaving the earth behind and "soaring to new heights", bigger and better things.

Who thought a turtle could fly? Who thought that I would have the worst 1 and 1/2 years of my life only to not only GET through it, but become stronger and marginally sane all at the same time? Who knew I had it in me?? Certainly not me. And I don't think any family members thought so either.

As for the title of this blog...........you will have to wait for another day.


UPDATE:: I don't believe it, I found a photo online of someone else with the same poster!! Check it out here: turtle/frog poster and the guy the picture belongs to has it in his blog here (WARNING a pencil drawing of a nude woman is on the entry this is linked to. Tasteful if that's possible for a nude but still nude)

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