Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The yard guy

I have this guy -- well man -- that mows my yard for me. M is such a sweetheart. Anyway, he was mowing my yard today.....he is a nice looking man.......then he took his shirt off......OMG. Yes he is single, but recently divorced with a kid.

I am doing ok. Still have 2 cats that are fighting. I have tried everything I can think of.

Still going through dad's house. Worked on the basement some today. Dad's friend Mike came by to help me. Mike has called me everyday since dad passed to check on how I am and if I need any help. He was such a good friend to dad but I can't believe how he has taken me under his wing. Maybe I remind him of one of his daughters? He says it's because dad was his best friend, and he thinks I have been a pretty good daughter and he cares about me too.

Need to clean the cat boxes and just realized I am totally out of cat litter. Great. Can't go get any because I am waiting for the furnace/AC guy to come do the yearly maintenance on my system.

Tomorrow I go downtown to the courthouse to file dad's will and get the legal stuff done. I could have done it before now but couldn't get an appointment. I HATE going downtown for anything, but this is just the pits. Everything I have to do makes it more final. I was doing ok going through the house but then I sold some of dad's tools and I cried like a baby in front of these people. Dad loved his tool, he loved woodworking and it was so much harder to part with those things than I ever dreamed it would be. Now I wonder if I can actually hold a yard sale without losing it. That would be great. Yard sale, me in tears the whole day......


  1. I'm glad you do have some help there. It is a monumental job taking care of all that. I hope all continues to go well. Tears are going to happen and don't feel bad about it.

  2. Keep your mind occupied -- shirtless lawn guys and construction workers does the trick for me!

  3. I actually like guys with kids.
    I say invite lawn guy in for a drink.