Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is has taken so long, but close to an end

My dad's best friend (Mike) has been helping me go through dad's house, sorting things, selling a few things, and biggest job of all getting things ready for a HUGE yard sale.  During this time I have been hit hard with grief so had to take some time off, and Mike's wife was in the hospital, and Mike himself had a small stroke and was in the hospital.  But this Saturday October the 1st is the day.  Yard sale.  Everything must go.  What doesn't sale will be donated, any furniture not sold will go with the house when it is sold.  I am planning on having the house auctioned off.  I think it will sell faster that way.  I am hoping to have everything taken care of by Thanksgiving if possible.  I don't want to drag it out, but I don't want to let go either.

Today I had dad's phone cut off.  The phone guy said do you or someone in the family want to keep that number?  It has been in the family so long.  I said no.  I wanted it, but it is a hassle to change my number, and I am working hard on "letting go" of things so I can "move on".  I asked him when did my parents first get that phone number.  Ready? January of 1966!  1966!  That is the only "home" phone number I ever knew.  Wow.

Haven't heard from my brother since he basically told me it is my fault he and his wife are homeless.  Not my fault.  They made decisions throughout their married life, burned bridges, treated people like they were disposable, and it has come back around to bite them.

Of my 3 nieces only 1 is in touch.  She is sweet, married, 4 kids, and lives about an hour from me.

When  I brought dad's cat (named 150) home with me I thought my cats would be ok with her.  And they were for a few weeks, then Maggie started stalking and attacking 150.  got so bad 150 was scared and would hide. Poor 150 had been through so much in her short life that I didn't want to uproot her again so with the help of my vet I found Maggie a new home.  It hurt, still hurts.  I have never gotten rid of a pet.  I miss my Maggie, I know she is in a good home (the vet's in-laws) but it hurts.  She loved me, but now probably hates me.

I'm hanging in there.  Grief counseling is helping some, but not enough.  I never knew it could be this hard.  But of course now I have no parents or family in town, I am having to get rid of the house (which I lived from the age of 13 to about 23 years old), and my brother is ........well....,...



  1. It will get better for you as time passes. It's been a lot for you to go through. Thankfully you have had some help. I wish you the best with the yard sale and the sale of the home.

  2. It really is true that it gets easier with time. You have a whole fresh new start ahead of you now....but take your time.