Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dad's home

Got dad home from the hospital last night. He is doing really good. The doctor did send him home on oxygen, and with full Hospice care. I am not sure exactly what that is saying about how long dad has to live. Can't get a straight answer out of anyone. I know Hospice is usually for the last 6 months of life. Dad and I have NOT spoken about how much time he may or may not have left. The 3rd anniversary of mom's death is coming up on May 3rd and that bothers me. Hopefully that won't trigger something inside dad.

I don't have the internet at dad's house so I can only update when I come home to feed the cats, or if I feel dad is good enough to be left alone for awhile. But I'll try to keep everyone up to date.

Prayers are always welcome,



  1. Hospice is no longer only for suspected "months" of life; many people have stayed on for years-some get off and do measurably better.
    Sending all my best vibes. ~Mary