Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time will tell

Dad was supposed to have came home yesterday. But he fell on Friday and every time he sat up he got very dizzy. Because the doctor was taking him off some medicines we decided to wait until Monday (tomorrow) before coming home. Hoping the change in medicines and some time would work things out for him.

Tomorrow is the day daddy is supposed to come home. But since this past Friday he can't even sit on the side of the bed without getting so dizzy he practically falls back into the bed if you aren't there to help him lay down.

So what is going to happen tomorrow? How can I take care of him if he is for all purposes bedridden? And if the insurance won't pay for a hospital bed how is he going to sit up to eat?

Have been having so many anxiety attacks. Tons of crying.

The curtain rod in dad's living room was pulling away from the wall. I got it down just as it was pulling a hole in the wall. I bought a different type rod and some new curtains. I knew I had to get something up before tonight. It was horrible. Many tears, some curse words, and I have something up but it isn't going to stay. I couldn't get the screws into the wall all of the way, I couldn't get the thing that goes in the middle to help hold the curtain rod up. I just hope it all holds until tomorrow. Of course when am I going to get it back down and fixed right when I have to do something about daddy.

So if God doesn't give you more than you can handle.......just how much does He think I can handle at one time?

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  1. I hope they get his meds right for him and the dizziness goes away. This has to be very frustrating.