Saturday, October 16, 2010

How much more can I handle?

The doctor told me today that when daddy gets to come home that he should not be by himself. He will need someone with him 24/7. I said I didn't know how that would be possible. She suggested I think of "placing him somewhere" and I said no, that isn't possible. Then she suggested that we "merge our households".

I love dad to death, but I can't give up my home and my pets and move in with him. The doctor said that the older he gets the more care he will need. I'm all like "I don't know", I don't have a plan. I thought they would get his blood pressure under control and we would get physical therapy and somehow things would slowly get back to where we were before all this.

NOW the doctor informs me that the kind of blood pressure problems he has is hard to "fix". They can try but it usually doesn't get better. Why didn't they tell me this before now?

Monday they are giving dad a stress test to see if he had a heart attack and if so how much damage his heart may have.

When the heart doctor told dad he would be in the hospital at least until Monday dad thought it meant he would go home Monday. Now that we both have been told something different dad is all upset and says he is coming home Monday. He doesn't care what the doctor says. I keep trying to talk to him to get him to understand stuff but he isn't hearing any of it.

What am I going to do? How much more can I possibly handle?



  1. Just take things one day at a time. This is all coming at you so fast. My sisters and I had to provide full time care for our parents and it wasn't easy but we did it.

  2. Talk to a local social welfare agency and see if they offer some assistance or some ideas.