Saturday, July 3, 2010

It hurts, really hurts

My brother has been out of work and they are not extending his unemployment benefits. His youngest daughter lives in Texas with her husband. Last year sometime R mentioned that if he was out of work too long he and P could move back home with dad. I told him he could forget that. With all that he and P put the family through over the years, there is no way P could live there. So now without a job and all he and P decided to move to Texas and live with G (their daughter) while looking for work there. Supposedly there are jobs in El Paso..

R had told us that he would move either around the first of July or the last of it.

R didn't call dad on Father's Day or me on my birthday. So we hadn't heard from him in about a month.

N -- R's middle daughter -- called me and was asking if I had heard from R. I told her no, had she. N then tells me that R is on the way to Texas, in fact G said he was probably somewhere in Oklahoma at the time.

I figured he would leave without saying anything. But I had no idea how much it would hurt for him not to come, call, email, or anything. He just leaves the state without saying anything. Without seeing me or dad for what probably would be the last time ever. I guess it says a lot on how he views us as family. I felt that would would never be close -- something mom died thinking we would one day -- and I expected him to just leave and go to Texas, but I sure didn't think I would feel as hurt as I do right now. How in the world could he just leave and not say anything to me or dad?

Just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening -- well reading....

Oh, just so you know N is the only one of the 3 nieces I have that is in touch with me. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have known any of this.

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  1. Maybe you should reach out to him. Perhaps he is hurt as well. Family issues are always so loaded with past baggage. I am sorry about the situation. ~Mary