Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm still around.

I was really good at keeping a blog when I had one on AOL, then they did away with them and blogging just hasn't been the same for me. Actually I think I was "slowing down" around the time my mom got sick and died. My blogging has been downhill ever since. Dad got sick earlier this year and because his family was everywhere but here I kept a blog with daily updates on him for them. I rarely update that blog since dad finally came home.

So what am I trying to say? Not sure. Will I try to start up blogging again? Don't know. I may start reading other blogs more, but I refuse to comment on each one just so I can get people to visit me here. Some people I thought were friends but unless I leave them comments they don't come around. Too bad. But that is a game I refuse to play.

If you don't was in ICU for 7 weeks, hospital stay was a total of 2 months and then he rehabbed in a nursing home for 3 months, that is a total of 5 months being away from home. It was really hard on the both of us. I am his caretaker now. I can spend less and less time at his house but I have to change his bandage (his operation left an open wound) every day and he has the colostomy bag that I get to deal with. But I am so glad to have him home.

That's it for now. I'll be around....


  1. Thank you for checking in with us and letting us know how things are going. Being a caregiver is never an easy task. I'm glad your dad is home and that you are able to take care of him too. I hope you do continue blogging. I know that I'll probably be doing it as long as I can and still enjoy it.

  2. Hi Kath, I am one of those 'friends' who hasn't been around for a while & I am sorry. I am so glad your dad is home & things are humming along. I know, though, that it all has to be very difficult for you. I am thinking of you. ~Mary

  3. Welcome back, Kathy. You've certainly had a tough time of late. Wishing you a good Christmas and the best for 2010


  4. I haven't been around much either. I miss the old blogs at AOL. It's just not the same. I miss you. My fault ~ I haven't written. I pray you are all right. Blessings, Penny

  5. Dear Kathy:
    Just stopped by to see if any farther post from you, as have been wondering how your father is doing. So glad you are there to help. You are missed. Here's wishing you an early St. Pat's Day and Happy Easter.