Wednesday, October 14, 2009

relaxed alertness?

Me again.

In my little corner of the world the world is getting nastier. Yup. Because of domestic violence 2 cops were shot and a man shot and killed by the cops, 6 days later on of the cops died. All of that took place outside of a fast food restaurant. The neighborhood watch for my little corner of the world sent out an email telling us of local (about 3 blocks from where I live) of some "major gang/vandalism" it was calling for a priority 2 crime alert. I didn't go to the neighborhood watch meeting a few months back so I am not real sure what the "priority 2 crime alert" is. HOWEVER at the end of the email in bold type was a sentence that said ".......please keep the awareness of your surroundings at a heightened state of relaxed alertness at all times." Huh? A what? "awareness of your surroundings at a heightened state of relaxed alertness at all times". A "heightened state of relaxed alertness". Hmmm.....I didn't know you could do that. Kidding, but it is an odd way of saying we don't want to scare you so just stay alert but not overly so?

Well I am not really worried about my personal person being harmed, I do worry about my house getting broke into or something like that. As long as I am not home at the time I'll deal. I have taught about getting a dog sometime. Yeah, I could go the gun route but they scare me too bad, I just can't go that route. I am just not ready for a dog. It would have to be one I could keep indoors and the thought of house breaking it and taking it out several times a day 365 days a year is just a bit much for me right now.

Dad is doing ok. Aunt Betty bless her heart is doing better. She got 2 units of blood yesterday so that perked her up some.


  1. I agree with you--relaxed??? Be aware as they say and keep safe.

  2. Our town is getting full of crime. It's seems more and more each day. We're thinking of buying an alarm system.