Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alone again, naturally......

Having so much to do you would think I wouldn't let myself sit still and have pity parties for myself. But if you believe that you would be so wrong.

Working about a half a day at dad's house is about all I can do at a time. It just gets too hard. So I come home and all the stuff I have been neglecting the past couple years I find myself still ignoring. I either play on the computer or watch tv. Nothing is getting done at my house either.

I thought dad's cat was going to be getting along good with my 2 cats, but suddenly my Maggie decides she has to fight whenever she sees 150. This is something new. Wasn't there until a few days ago.

I know I am in no big hurry with dad's house, but I don't want it to drag on and on. I want to get "it all said done" before cold weather. I'm throwing stuff away, giving some away, and have a pile for a yard sale. I HATE doing a yard sale but I think I may need the money so it is something I am going to do.

Don't mind me. I hope to one day find myself again. Find the me that got lost while taking care of my parents. I don't know who she is, where she is. or what she would like to do with her life, but I am looking for her.

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  1. I have faith that you will find her again. The Lord has given you strength that most of us will never have to experience. Out of that firestorm of loss, you will rise with new hope and a slightly remembered self adding to the fresh self you have become. Much love and blessings, Penny