Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can you see the angels?

rest in peace


1/26/37 ---6/25-11


  1. I slip back in to see you just every so often and today 7/16 I have tears in my eyes and in my heart for you, my wonderful friend. I pray for you every day . . . now I will pray even harder as you grieve. Lost your phone # after we moved or I would call. Love, prayers and blessings, Penny

  2. RIP, Daddy. Kathy, sorry I haven't been by in such a long time to be supportive to you. I wish I had been. My life has been so hard, but that is no excuse not to be supportive to you. I hope you are ok. I will try to stop by more often. I am putting myself down as a follower of your blog. I don't read blogs enough bc i get soooo busy, however, i will make sure i can come by as often as i can. plus i go on fb sometimes. although i despise facebook in so many ways, LOL. however, a lot of jlanders are on there, and i go on there just bc i want to find out where everybody is. are you on there? i don't think we are friends on fb. if we are not, then friend me. i am at thanks. i used to be fisherkristina (maiden name) on aol but now that i am married i go by krissy knox. actually i have email addresses relating to both names. if you'd like to email me i am at fisherkristina (at) aol (dot) com. anyway, hope you are doing well, girlie. love ya, krissy :)

  3. Hey, again, it's krissy! i am stopping by bc i am wondering what i called you, LOL. maybe kathy, LOL? i know you are barb. where is my brain. i call people by the wrong names all the time, but i know exactly who you are, LOL. please forgive me. ok, love you, krissy knox :)

  4. Actually Krissy I am Kathy not Barb. I used to be onestrangecat on AOL. And I don't get around to reading blogs the way I used to or the way I want to.