Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello world. Or the little part that still listens.

Took Dad to his cardiac doctor today. Everything is pretty much stable. Except for the fact that dad has been coughing/spiting up blood. So the doctor is sending him to a lung specialist on Feb 15th. Because mom died from lung cancer of course that is where my mind automatically goes. I am praying it isn't that.

My niece that had the baby back in December has been depressed. I worry about her. I hope it is just the baby blues and nothing more. Of course if I had 4 kids I think I would be depressed too!

I guess I have mentioned my cat Maggie. She is overweight (aren't we all?) and can't clean herself so good. And the vet really let me have it for the way her bottom looked (the cat not the vet's bottom) so I have been cleaning her everyday. I have these wipes for "between baths" (I don't give my cats baths) that I use. Everyday when I come home from dad's Maggie will fuss and fuss until I pick her up and clean her little hiney. It's kind of cute that she fusses to get me to clean her. And I was afraid she wouldn't like it. LOL

I have been thinking about the old AOL J-Land days. I so wish we could turn back time to those days. I know I need to do a better job of keeping up with everyone here in blog-land, but somehow it just isn't the same. Is it just me?

Love everyone of you guys/girls.


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