Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm still around

Good news. My niece had a baby (kid #4) about 1 week before Christmas. Little Piper Grace weighed in at 8 pounds 7.5 ounces.

Before I forget.....Russ if you are reading this (and I hope you are) you need to check out this new website: it is based here in my hometown and the newspaper says it is "more than 25 cartoonist have created of work.....interact with fans also lets aspiring cartoonist add their work......Amateur Cubicle.......starting in will hold contest....." I think pear dude would be a great character for you to enter!

Dad is doing pretty good. I started a few nights ago coming home to spend the night. I wouldn't have done it if I thought dad wouldn't be ok. I don't know how long the new arrangement will last but right now it feels right. He can call me, or he has one of those life line buttons he can push if he needs help.

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  1. It's good to have an update from you and I'm hoping your Dad continues to improve. I haven't had the chance to wish you a Happy New Year yet so I'm sending best wishes for a better year ahead for you.